Various table leg color combinations, stains & sanding

Table Legs Designs ... I have come up with some creative table leg paint & stain designs to complement the tables.
This includes two-tone looks with layers of two paint colors, dark stains and sanding to add aging and to complement your current furniture.

See picture above for colors and picture below showing white paint & Minwax stain with Old English Polish.

This is the same table as shown below.  On the Pepsi crate, I used both white & blue paint over the stained inside so the two crates have slightly different colors inside but looks great.

Vintage Coca-Cola Crate turned into a festive holiday design.

Soda Crate Furniture

Three step table leg design
1st step - dark stain
2nd step - 2 coast of paint
3rd step - sand so stain shows

Rare vintage "Squirt" soda crate
Starting to decorate for Holidays

Cypress shadow box with multiple coats of chalk paint. Show off your favorite photos.

I know this isn't a soda crate, but it is a jewelry organizer.  This is actually a recycled door panel that was originally stained a dark color and I covered it with MMS milk paint (yellow).  Added 10 knobs (for necklaces) including 3 cast iron Fleur-di-lis on the top row and a removable pole for bracelets, watches, etc.
Approx. 24" x 16"

I have several smaller door panels for smaller spaces.
Mix and match.
 Approx. 16" x 12"

Pictures coming soon.

Three Florida license plates attached
to backside of vintage Pepsi soda crate.
I have cut off the back of the soda crate
and attached it to a stained back board.
Lots of beautiful glass knobs for
necklaces and two tension bars for bracelets and watches and more.

Shows creative use of cutting the bottoms off the crates before attaching them to the background board.  Makes for a uniform appearance inside and outside the crates.

Rare tall red Coca-Cola crate on top of a yellow Coca-Cola crate with glass top.  I can add short legs (red, white, stained)
and dry painted white on the inside 
Just say, "This is party time."

RARE Chocolate Soldier Crate

Soda crate shadow boxes

... show off your photos, collections, favorite items and more with both wide open and shelved creations.  I even have made some of my own shadow boxes out of cypress and fence boards.

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Same table on the left with antiqued red legs to accent both Pepsi crates.

Lower portion of license plate soda crate jewelry organizer.

Vintage coffee table with two Pepsi soda crates, antiqued legs and glass top.


Add different paint products, painting - sanding techniques & add-ons including beautiful knobs, hooks and personal painted words.

Organize and showcase your necklaces, watches and bracelets in beautiful cases made from soda crates.  Custom colors using milk paint, chalk paint, glass knobs, vintage knobs and hooks, redo red wagons, old door knobs and more.

Cool Cottage

Cool Cottage

Established in February 2013

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Jim Kane ..... Owner - Designer - Builder

Bottom of jewelry organizer

This is the place for creativity.  Everyday I try to match the crates I have in with my shop with the best possible use - which depends on the paint status, rust, cracks and overall appearance from crates that are over 30 years old.  I hope you like my concepts.  

For wall shadow boxes,  table center pieces, jewelry collection, coffee tables, pet beds, desk organizers, planters, you name it.  Do you have a soda crate (or more) just sitting around in your garage?  Bring them to Jim to create a new look or make a present for a friend or family member.  I have a limited supply of crates so please have patience and plan ahead for special orders.

Most of the pictures below are organized into these groups ... Tables, Holiday Wall Collections (Christmas ornaments shown), Jewelry Organizers and Shadowboxes.

TABLES ... side tables, coffee tables, TV entertainment center tables and more

Multiple table designs using one or more crates, similar brands, mixed brands, different colors, different heights with and without glass tops.

This is the finished table from the picture below.  I used 2 coats of white chalk paint over the stained legs & then lightly sanded them to expose some of the stain.   On the Coca-Cola crate, I used both white and red paint over the stained inside.

Top of Jewelry Organizer

BEACH BLING jewelry organizer I painted FLORIDA on this side and I LOVE (heart) YOU on the opposite long side. Several layers of primer paint,
chalk paint and sanding between coats.
Pretty knobs for necklaces at the bottom and removable bar for lots of bracelets.

Custom Designs, Cool Finds and Rustic Comforts

Double crate side table or coffee table.  A place for your TV removes, ipad, book or newspapers.  Just add glass top for a larger area for a table lamp and photos.

See pictures above and below

Vintage Coca-Cola soda crate chalk board.  Use as a day-to-day message board, holiday / party décor, shopping list, kid's soccer game schedule and more.


For parties and holidays ... using crates with multiple dividers to showcase ornaments, collections, cards and photos. ​

Cypress shadow box with multiple coats of chalk paint. Hang on the wall or on a counter.

Vintage custom Coca-Cola soda crate with three spaces and single chalkboard on one long side.  Red Coca-Cola label on opposite side.  Dry painted white inside to make the crate more presentable.

Vintage 7-UP soda crate

chalk board / message board.

Welcome Home for the Holidays