Pet Beds - Mini Bars - Trays - Toy Storage - Pillow Storage 

Showcasing my unique surfboard chairs, tables and home décor


For weddings,, anniversaries, family names, etc.

I may not have the recycled item you want, but I am a frequent "picker" and "personal shopper" in many antique stores, consignment shops and weekly garage sales in Panama City, Destin, Ft. Walton Beach, Gulf Breeze, Milton and Pensacola.  I even like to go shopping in New Orleans for doors, windows and more.  Let me know what you want and I usually can find it (sometimes I can send pictures).

Locals can bring me your furniture to Recycle/Redo/Repair and I will make your new/renew piece of furniture or décor your favorite one that everyone will want to take home with them.  ​


​​... Delivery day today & I took the beach road to Pensacola Beach.  Everyone is happy.

Decorative surfboard designs made from bevel moody cedar and stained.  Some have unique cutouts and metal or wood backings.  Put up in man cave, on kids room wall, on front of a bar or add house numbers for your mailbox or front porch. Add some hooks for your jewelry or necklaces or bracelets.

Outdoor table made from recycled boat house flaky, chippy siding. Great table for displaying clothing with a glass top for protection.

The college football season is almost here. Time to celebrate before & after the game in your team's school colors in cool chairs.

Great custom order for this current Navy customer and Blue Angels participant.  He wanted it to look like an old advertisement that was found in a barn after all these years.

Painted DAZZLE and PRETTY on the two long sides.  Show off your bling
& keep necklaces separated

Unique custom signs painted on rusty tin ...  limited quantites
Custom signs (words and colors) can be painted to look very rustic or sharp outlines.  All are clear coated to slow down future rusting.
I recommend bold letters & numbers on all signs.
Letters shown are either 4" or 3" or 2.75" high.

Custom Designs

​& Themes 

A great coffee table or side table made from a wooden suitcase and leather straps. Also could be used as a toy chest or pet bed.  Hide your game controls inside.
A great addition to any room.
With longer legs, this could be used as a mini dry bar, an entrance hall table,
a mini table for the bathroom or a party.  Legs come off easily for moving.

The "Art of Design" is part of my thinking for every item that I work with for customers.  That includes shapes, colors, comfort, strength, stains & paints.  I even want the backs of my chairs to look good as that is the part you might see first. And you will notice that I do not use cushions in any of my chairs.  When you first sit in the tall or regular height chairs, you will instantly relax. This is due to the many details such as curves, cut-outs, spaces between adjoining pieces and even the slight angle of the arms to lower your shoulders (as well as allow water to drain from rains).  No cushions to store!  So just sit back, relax and look cool.

Since my designs are not mass produced in large quantities, you should know that your Jim Kane designs will be unique, made for you and will last a long time.​

Comments from November & December Palafox Market & Destin Artwalk​

"I've never seen anything like your designs.  So clever and creative at the same time."
" I love the paint colors, the glass knobs and fleur-de-lis knobs."
"I haven't seen a SQUIRT soda crate since I was in high school."
"Where did you get all of these soda crates and red wagons?  These are great designs."
"Your furniture looks great.  I will contact you after the holidays to place an order."
"I have a rental condo and will be using your furniture to decorate it.  It's perfect."
"Your designs are practical, rustic, eye-catching and functional at the same time.

The big advantage of Cool Cottage furniture and home decor --- you can bring me your ideas, your pictures, your Pinterest board lists, your recycled "stuff" and see how I can make something that will truly be one-of-a-kind.  Instead of buying something already made that just doesn't hit the spot for that special someone or special place inside or outside the house, call Jim and he'll design and build a present with the "wow" factor - "where did you find that?"  Make that upcoming special event (a birthday, wedding, house warming, anniversary, retirement or Christmas) truly personal for someone who deserves something made just for them (or for yourself).   "Wow, that's cool!"  I know because I hear that expression all that time.​

My idea of a true "Six-Pack"

The "Destin Harbor Collection"  ...  Fully painted white - four tall chairs & two tall tables

In my last few shows, customers have told me over and over again that they like my visions for creating designs that are one-of-a-kind and personal at the same time.  They said they are perfect for their family, relatives, best friend(s) and so on.  I have watched people at my shows walk almost past my tent and then make a sharp "U-turn" to come back and stay for a long time just taking in the many products I have on display.  It's window shopping at it's best - relaxing, eye-catching and friendly.  Standing across the sidewalk, I try to watch their eyes go from product to product as they try to take in every-thing.  I wish I could "listen in" what they are thinking.  Quite often our conversation turns to favorite pictures from the websites Pinterest or Etsy and they want to know if I can build so and so.  I try hard to rekindle memories when they look at the designs including red wagons, soda crates and the many products containing recycled objects.  And I have many more designs to come - just trying to find the time.​

About Jim Kane​

... raised in the Hudson Valley (Rhinebeck, New York), he graduated from Jacksonville University in Florida and was a four-year starter (along with twin brother David) on their soccer teams.  Both Jim & David were selected to the JU athletic "Hall of Fame" in 1998.  Jim was also selected to attend two U.S. Olympic Trials (1972 & 1976 games) and drafted 9th nationally overall in the first-ever professional soccer draft (1972) for the North American Soccer League (NASL) by the Miami "Gatos" ... 
a predecessor to the current Major League Soccer (MLS) professional league.

During his tenure as the Florida Youth Soccer Assoc. (FYSA) "State Coach" (1978-1981) he is recognized as being responsible for coming up with the name and promoting the change of the "National Select Team Program" to the newer  "Olympic Development Program" (ODP) which is used nationwide today. This ODP is the #1 selection program used to identify, select & coach players (both male & female) for the current
 U.S. National Teams, U.S. Olympic Teams and professional teams.

For 17 years in the Ft. Walton Beach, Niceville, Crestview & Destin (Florida) areas, he organized, directed and coached over 4,000 campers in his summer soccer camps & leagues under the name "State Champs Soccer Camps" and "State Champs Summer Soccer Leagues".  Most of the his camp coaches were major division I college coaches from around the country as well as talented high school and licensed coaches.  Many of his former campers who started playing soccer at his camps as young as 3-years old are currently successful players at the college level.

After 35 years of coaching (USSF "A" Coaching License, Division One College, High School) and teaching mathematics, he retired in 2007.  His college team was ranked
in the national top 50 in just three seasons from inception (and as high as #6 in the
Division - 1 Midwest Region including teams like St. Louis U and SIUE).   

Cool Chairs was started in his garage and now he ships furniture nationwide from his workshop / showroom in Ft. Walton Beach.

Locally he is a member of the USAF Eglin Air Force Base 33rd Fighter Wing 'Honorary Commanders' and got to fly in one of the F-15's pictured below.  "It's like riding on the fastest roller coast in the world with no tracks to follow, barrel rolls, unlimited rapid altitude changes and more turns with higher 'Gs' than anything I have ever known.
And I got to fly it too."

"NOMADS ..... Fire From The Clouds!"
"Where NOMADS Roam"

A neat side table or coffee table made from recycled 12" wide reddish fence boards and fence frame.  Approx. 18" tall. Imagine a shadow box for jewelry made from this rich old wood.

Jewelry organizer made from vintage soda crate with 11 knobs for necklaces and bracelets.  Five paint colors.

Lower picture of red wagon jewelry organizer.  Shows the red wagon knobs, extra stained custom redwood shelf and two color chalk painted back board.​

Upcoming Shows and Festivals

Recent Rhinebeck wedding showing barns, changing leaves & lots of happy people celebrating.

High Schools, College, Professional Teams and slogans with Team Colors

Funky guitar designs painted on rustic cedar.  Includes 3 recycled door plates, 6 string tuners along with a Route 66 metal sign.   Do you like Red Dirt, Cajun, Country, Blues, Appalachian or Country music?  Guitar on right has rusty barbed wire for strings and is titled "Rust, the Blues n' the Best Bar-B-Q".    This is the  latest guitar design for you.  Both are approx. 41" x 17"  x 1.5".    More designs in the work including banjos.

My "six pack" ...  four tall chairs and two tall oval tables. Made from #1 grade cypress to "see over the rail"

Two vintage cool rocking horse jewelry organizers.  I took off the leg portion (to make a bench) and then sanded, stained and added some beautiful glass knobs to hold your necklaces.  The hand holds can be used for your watches and bracelets.

It's movable ... a planter - a bar  - wedding party central

Latest handmade "Radio Flyer" planter - made from recycled red wagon parts, very old 5/4 cypress fence boards and 4x4s.  And the best part is it can't rust! Place your heavy duty potted plants in here and move them whenever you want to show off your style.  The potted plants can drain right thru the bottom thick slats of the wagon.  Set your sprinklers to hit it too.   Also could be used as double duty for a movable bar / cooler central for weddings and backyard parties. Add a name (wedding last name) or house number or licence plates to personalize it. This one is about 39" long by 19" wide but I can build a custom size.
How about a double deck design for a portable Red Wagon bar.Use vintage knobs, hooks, rusty do-dads and other thing-a-ma-jigs to personalize.Here are some pictures with potted plants, house numbers and pine straw.

I just redesigned the above red Radio Flyer with house numbers on a second level board above the Radio Flyer painted board.  Picture coming soon.​

Newest surfboard coffee tables, side tables or benches. Top table is mostly cedar with two different stain colors with a smaller cedar surfboard on front face. 18" high, 13" wide, 30" long

Second surfboard picture shows alternating cypress & cedar with waterproofing to bring out the colors of the red cedar and the wood grain of the cypress. A show piece inside or outside.

New - September & October 2017

Rustic Cedar Pumpkins stained or hand painted (orange, white and black), sanded and clear coated.  Go to "The Painted Pelican" (on Facebook) for upcoming monthly events.

​Facebook --- Go to "Cool Cottage of Covington, Louisiana"

Florida State jewelry organizer for bracelets & necklaces.  This cabinet door was chalk painted garnet with gold FSU NOLES and lots of sanding between paint coats to give the design
an aged look.  I added seven glass knobs with four having some turquoise to match the random turquoise accents painted on the board. Show off your favorite team and your favorite bling.

Vintage RC Cola soda crate
Jewelry Organizer for your necklaces - bracelets - watches. Nine cool knobs (including glass knobs, fleur-de-lis knobs and turquoise knobs) as well as two brass door knob plates.
Custom chalk paint inside and outside on the backboard.


This is the finished picture of my latest wall art design.  This is a present for a great young man who is going to the USAF fighter pilot school in Texas soon which explains the combination U.S. flag and Texas state flag single star.  I left the lower right area open for future collectibles from his career - certificates, photos, coins, you name it. 

Made entirely from old, rough cut cedar, painted, sanded & two clear coats.  Unique hooks for hanging everything. Rusty roofing tin used for the star and picture frame.
This would look great above a fireplace mantle, bed, in the kitchen, etc. 
Approx 42" x 24".

Large Hand painted cedar pumpkin


Cool Cottage

Established in February 2013

Made in USA
(850) 496-5507 cst

Additional Sales Location in Fall 2017

The Painted Pelican

1957 N. Collins Blvd, Covington, LA

Check out Facebook page for details

Home Showroom & Workshop
47 Hyacinth Drive
Covington, Louisiana 70433


Jim Kane ..... Owner - Designer - Builder


Chalk Paint & Milk Paint Furniture
I am currently working on some chalk paint / milk paint furniture projects.  For a future look at this new collection, check out the first picture in the right border on this page.  It is an old accountant's desk (in two parts) with many cubby holes and slots for numerous record books and files and notes.  A large drawer is in the lower unit and a secret locked top section hides some additional cubby holes.  I think this desk would work great in an entrance hall, kitchen, home office or even a kid's room for a toy collection.  And ... I can easily change this red color with milk paint or chalk paint.

Dixie's Homemade Furniture Liniment Chalk Paint

I also use this brand of local homemade Chalk Paint.   Dixie has 10 great colors with creative names including ... Chicken & Dumplins (yellow), Sunday Lipstick (red), Florida Room (coral), Kitchen Canister (green), Sleeping Jacket (light blue), doily (white) and Bathing Cap (turquois).   It is easy to use, dries fast and looks great.  Smooth silky finish.

For unique, rustic, functional and good looking bars, go to "Best Southern Bars"

Cool Chairs - Established in March, 2007

March - 2007.   www.CoolChairs.Net established in my home garage in Florida.
January - 2009.  Moved into a 2500 Sq. Ft. warehouse showroom & workshop
February - 2013.  www.CoolCottage.Net website added to show new designs
November - 2014.  I have recently combined my www.CoolChairs.Net website
with this site for a more transparent look at the many products I design and build (since I now build more than chairs).  Thanks for looking.  Jim

Rustic weathered soda crate and cedar board.  They complement each other and show off your necklaces too.

Thick (2") "pecky cypress" table top
stained Leather Saddle Brown


Amazing six foot long table (32.5" wide and 34" tall) made from #1 grade thick (1  3/4") cypress and Brazilian IPE (pronounced E-PAY).  This outdoor table will travel to Pensacola, FL soon to be a great addition to these returning customer's back patio.  Designed for six tall stools (24" high) or for simply standing around and sampling lots of delicious food while overlooking the water.  The oval table (to the right in the boarder) shows off the look of finished IPE.  Gotta love the multiple colors in IPE.​

New in August ... Pet Beds ... For Dogs & Cats ... Pictures below and on the Gallery Page
Unique pet beds made from dresser drawers, red wagons, tables, suitcases, ladders, sinks, old doors, old school desks, baskets, crates, old trunks, chicken crates, birdcages, vintage computer and TV cabinets, old sewing machine base ..... and more.

Add wheels, a 2nd level bed for cats (condo design), antique / vintage hardware (knobs, pulls, door handles, etc.) and duvets or pillows.   Your pets deserve the best.  Make their beds as nice as yours (or even better).  They are your best friend(s) after all.​

Surfing inside the wave while leaning against the wave wall.

Combine chalk paint, milk paint, rusty accents, recycled doors - windows - hardware - furniture and eclectic pieces  ...  I believe you will like many of my designs, most of which will be one-of-a-kind.

My original business (Cool Chairs) started in 2007 in my garage and I am now selling and shipping nationwide.  I continue to be a one-man-business so you have to be patient when ordering custom pieces.

For a preview of my my current exterior furniture "Cool Chairs" designs on my other website, go to ...  www.CoolChairs.Net

For those of you who are familiar where my workshop and showroom has been for the past three years, I have moved.   My new business is located near the college end of Green Acres Road in a long warehouse building. Contact me for any questions or prices or directions.   Look for 418 Green Acres Road on the North side.

I now have an entire unit (840 sq. ft.) dedicated as a showroom full of furniture. Check back often as I update my new website along with new products.

Old reddish fence boards for background.

"Santa Stop Here!"



"Kiss the Cook"

Mississippi riverboats at Natchez, MS showing Natchez "Under The Hill."

Unique Women's Jewelry Organizer

​Rusty roofing tin with painted guitar for Louisiana / Saints lovers.
The guitar neck is made from two New Orleans recycled door plates and there are 6 decorative knobs (4 are teal & 2 are gray). A great way to show of your fabulous necklaces, bracelets and other bling. Different hooks and a shelf can be added for treasured jewelry.  I also clear-coated the rusty tin so the rust would not flake off for a long time.

It's a work of art all by itself !

Welcome to Rhinebeck, NY where I grew up (near Hyde Park and West Point).  About 100 miles north of NYC near the Hudson River.  One of many very large and beautiful barns.
Go Army, Knicks and Yankees!

Handmade cypress surfboard designed
tall deck chairs (see "over the rail").​

The Vintage Look

The chairs below showcase my return to an original design from 2007.  The taller backs are 6" more than my current design so you can lean your head back for a nap. These chairs are lightly stained gray so you can still see the wood grain.

The two tall matching ottomans have handles cut into the top for ease in movement.  They also can use used for extra seating as they are built strong and very comfortable.

"My Kitchen Christmas Tree"

A tall deck chair using 2 colors of "MoistureShield" Decking.

I added house numbers and official Radio Flyer red umbrella for this picture. The pig does not come with the wagon.

Newest Custom Pet Bed
Four colors make it stand out.
I painted HOME on this side and I LOVE YOU on the reverse side.

The "Big Dog" bar model made from pecky cedar, cypress and cedar.

From the TV show  ... "Fixer Upper"

Cool Cottage

Custom Designs, Cool Finds and Rustic Comforts

Backyard Red Wagon party table Unattached - you can use as a portable cooler or snack tray and a 35" bench (16" - 18" H) ... or  permanently attached use as  a coffee table.  Fill with sand to show off your (shell ?) collection and add a glass top for protection (use on the porch or inside).

Two new pet beds for 2015. I used lots of colors to show-off these new dream land beds.

Add a glass top to protect top from dust
& use as a writing desk, hall table or bar​

Two fully painted cypress surfboard chairs and tall ottomans / stools.  The main color is white with a soft yellow and vibrant coastal blue.  This is an example of "His and Hers" collection so you know which chair and ottoman belongs to who.

Sit back - relax - look cool all year round.

Old rustic weathered board for back.

December 1, 2015 ... UPDATE< UPDATE < UPDATE.   It's official. We have purchased a home in Covington, LA and have started the move.  I am in the process of moving my entire showroom pieces, tools, leftover wood and other supplies to Louisiana.  Not sure when I will start up again but you can send me an email or phone, they will stay the same. 

February 1, 2016 ... UPDATE< UPDATE< UPDATE.  My workshop is finally shut down in Fort Walton Beach and I have moved my entire showroom, tools and wood supply to Louisiana.  Hope to have final house furniture moved sometime this Spring after house sells.

My Facebook page has also been updated to ... "Cool Cottage of Covington, LA".  There are no definite plans when I will be set up again but check back often to get updates here and on Facebook.  Planning on keeping same website and phone number at this time.

New pet bed design.  Inside dimensions are 27" x 36" for medium size pets.
Stained, finished with white chalk paint and lightly sanded for creative
shabby appearance.  Inside bottom has two removable boards. 

Best Southern Bars
Custom made from pecky cedar - 42" high Foot rest on three sides - unstained.

Comments from the March 8-9, 2014 West Indies Market

"Best looking chairs, very comfortable and lots of stain colors (especially the gray)."
"These cypress chairs are the best and built solid.  No more plastic chairs for us."
"What a great imagination using recycled red wagons & vintage soda crates."

Cypress will be painted gray to match first order of chairs, tall 24" stools and IPE topped tall oval wine table design (shown on right of this page).

Unique outdoor writer's desk with recycled graying fence board legs and cedar top.  A great 2-tone look.  Let the writing begin as you look out at your beautiful outside backyard view.

May 1 - 2015.

New chair products introduced this month
I will be showing off some new chairs, tables and ottomans made from MoistureShield 

recycled composite deck boards.

This furniture will use my current designs for strength & good looks but should prove to be more maintenance free.   All the furniture will be almost double in weight from the current cypress chairs.  This is good for people who live on the water with daily windy conditions & frequent violent windy storms.

"Don't tie your furniture down if you have a hurricane.  Tie you home to my furniture".

The screw holes are also be plugged for a clean look.  No stainless steel screw heads to look at - just a clean look everywhere.   Available in five colors.  

"Cutting A New Song on NW Florida's 30A" near Seaside, Water Colors                        and Rosemary Beach ... for the 2015 30-A "Songwriter's Festival"

I am pleased to announce that I will be participating as a vendor in the following:

2015 ... March 21 - Saturday, Watercolors on 30A- "Art in the Park"

2013 - 2014 - 2015 Previous Shows & Festivals
Pensacola Palafox Market
Destin - Art Walk On The Harbor
Downtown Fort Walton Beach
WaterColors - "Art In The Park" (on 30A)
Rosemary Beach - "West Indies Market" (on 30A)
Ft. Walton Beach - Wandering Market

For more information about these events, go to Facebook ... Downtown Fort Walton Beach & Wandering Market

Two large surfboard designs

Left - Fleur - de - Lis cut-out & rusty roofing tin backing
Right - Shark bite design with two stain colors

Ready for a Fall hay ride or moving heavy stuff around the yard.  Add a custom cushion for people seating (or a dog bed).

Two comfortable adirondack chairs with painted sailboats on the tops.  Great look near the beach, lake, backyard or porch.

The "barrel move".

Customized ... Fishing Life, Baseball Life, Soccer Life ... top letters here are 4" tall

Name(s) painted on cabinet door panel over milk paint .....  add a vintage knob.
See last page for more examples.

Soda Crate Chalkboard Designs

Three medium size surfboards

Left - "Surfing the Internet"
Center - "Cross" design
Right - Pecky Cedar design

Approximate sizes are 18" tall, 16" wide and very heavy.  Painted orange, covered with dark stain and finished with Old English furniture polish.

They would look great inside or outside for Thanksgiving holidays.

Large 34" Red Flyer wagon show- ing two shelves (made from 5/4" cypress).  The inside of the wagon can be painted any color and the shelves can be stained too.  Since this weighs 10 pounds (before any items are put on the shelves), this wagon needs to be supported with big hooks or nails/screws.  This can be used inside or outside depending on what you want to display.

New ideas for future red wagons include ... painting a design on the inside of the wagon bed, additional shelves, leaving the wheels on (no handle) & making a glass topped (shadow box) coffee table, flipping it upside down with the wheels intact and adding a light & chains - for use over your dining room table at the beach house, ... whatever.  "Just let the good times roll."  (I've seen this done with old pedal-cars).  Bring me your (old/new) wagon and let me design a creative one-of-a-kind present for someone.

Red Wagon "Dog / Cat" bed ..... I know as soon as I make one and show it on this website ... it is just a matter of time before I go crazy with orders.  Instead of saving the wheels, attach some wooden legs to give it a different height.   Again the large wagons are 34" long and will be able to handle a small or  medium size animal (or two small ones).  You then have to change your dog's / cat's name to "Radio"  or "Flyer" or "Red."

I can make this a lot faster with a new wagon that can purchased at a lot of stores.

Let the sailboat regatta begin!

Just finished this fantastic rounded face drawer.  It has a couple of colors that blend in really well ... light blue and yellow.  I sanded the tar out it between colors which accounts for the lighter areas.  A final coating of Minwax Jacobean color stain to add a lot of aging and all covered with Old English to give it a satin shiny used look.   To me it looks like the blue-green water color you see when you drive over the Destin, FL bridge where Crab Island is located.  Add the short round feet painted dark brown and the two mini rusty looking fleur-di-lis pulls on the front and you have a great looking dog bed or mini bar or even a table top display tray.  With taller legs, this could be a unique coffee table too.​

Blue Angels Air Show 

.... coming to Jacksonville, Florida ... July 15, 1946

Featuring the U.S. Navy combat planes ... the famous "Hellcats"

Painted on a "found" wooden panel door.  I wrapped the door frame with rustic cedar to add to the vintage look of an old picture frame. The door has been shortened to approx. 35" wide x 48" tall and weighs about 35 lbs.

Cypress Pumpkins

You are welcome to stop by my showroom & workshop anytime unannounced.  I am usually there at least 3 to 6 hours every day including weekends but usually leave by 3:00 pm.

PLEASE CALL AHEAD OF TIME ... If coming to my showroom / workshop from "out of town" or any long distance, please call ahead to make sure I am there.  Since I am a one-man-show, I could be out buying supplies or searching for unique items for an order, making a delivery, meeting with a customer, etc.  My hours vary every day.  I also set up appointments all the time to meet at my showroom / workshop ..... 7-days-a-week.

Please no calls past 6:30 pm             (850) 496-5507  cst

"BLUES ON THE BAYOU" - designed by Jim (the GEE-TAR MAN) --- recently finished (10-10-17) hand painted 3-D rustic cedar guitar.    Approx 37" long by 13.5" wide by 1.5" depth.  Includes vintage door plates on the neck, rusty barbed wire for strings and blue paint (for playing the Blues).